Boda boda operators, hawkers set to visit Rwanda for bench marking


Nairobi, KENYA: Nairobi county is set to take boda-boda operators, hawkers and matatu drivers to Rwanda for benchmarking.

According to the Director of City Inspectorate, Mr. Peter Mbaya together with his team while addressing the media on Thursday, the tour will consist of 300 people from Bodaboda sector, hawkers and Matatu operators within the region.

“There are plans to take the group to Rwanda for benchmarking for them to appreciate that there are better and more civilized ways of managing their businesses, the trip to Rwanda is expected to have 100 members from each sector to learn the order in Kigali.” said Peter Mbaya

Peter Mbaya also said that the county government has set aside funds in its current budget for the construction of additional markets in every sub-county to accommodate small-scale traders.

In a bid to decongest the city, plans are also underway to have Matatu operators leave the city centre in less than a week; at the moment Nairobi County government is doing the final touches on the last terminus, along Thika Road next to GSU headquarters.

“We did demolitions and now we are doing repairs to the termini for them to be in good shape. Very soon, we are going to announce the date when they are to leave the CBD. Also, engineers are on the ground looking to make the drainage system better.” said Mbaya.