Ringtone ‘conned’ by Zari Hassan’s cousin

Ringtone and Zari PHOTO COURTESY

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko is a worried man.

His fears emanate from a possibility that he could have been coned in his quest to woo the woman of his dreams.

Over the past few months, since Zari Hassan broke up with Tanzanian Hitmaker Diamond Platmuz on valentines day, Ringtone has been publicly expressing his interest to marry the mother of 5.

Ringtone even went ahead to reveal that he was planning on sending 42 cows to pay as dowry to Zari’s kin in Uganda.

Ringtone is now worried that he might have lost sh 900,000 to a man claiming to be Zari’s cousin.

Ringtone told Pulse that it all started two weeks ago when a man approached him claiming to be related to Zari and to have been sent by her to tell Ringtone to plan on how they would meet.

“I believed the guy as he looked really mature, sound, smart and convincing. I decided to go to a jewelry shop and bought a diamond ring worth Sh800,000 that I wrapped as a gift to Zari after which I gave the guy Sh100,000 for his logistics,”Ringtone told Pulse.

Ringtone further explained that he could not call Zari as he felt it was easier to approach Zari through her kin.

Ringtone says he has not heard from the man since then, nor has he been able to reach him as his phone was off but he is still hopeful that he was not conned.

“I am not so sure the guy was a con. I am still waiting. I am still hopeful that the message was delivered.”   Ringtone added.

Zari is yet to respond to Ringtone’s proposal or allegations.