Medics succesfully  remove toothbrush swallowed by Kilifi Man

David Charo show cases the X-RAY at the Coast Provincial General Hospital PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:Medics at the Coast  Provincial general hospital have successfully removed a toothbrush swallowed by David Charo a middle aged man from Ganze in Kilifi county.

According to the Mombasa county director of communications Richard Chacha ,  doctors used an endoscopic retriaval procedure  saving the man from being operated on to remove the toothbrush.

“Succesful endoscopic removal of toothbrush by Dr Ramadhan Omar at Coast Provincial General Hospital.Probably first in Kenya.Saved patient from Open surgery”  Richard Chacha wrote.

Endoscopic retrival which is a non invasive procedure involves the insertion on a gatroscope  or an optic fiber  charged couple camera .

The instruments which shaped as a large tubes are  inserted through the  mouth  and  eosophagus  into the stomach to  identify  the foreign body  swallowed.

Once the object has been identified, surgical equipment which may include forceps, snares and oval drips and foley catheters are passed through the gatroscope to grasp or manipulate the foreign object.

On Thursday Charo’s brother told Baraka FM on phone that he had swallowed the toothbrush while brushing his teeth at Paziani village of Ganze Subcounty in Kilifi on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, the Mombasa county Health CEC Hazel Koitaba said that the man was in stable condition.

Some residents had linked the incident to witchcraft however the Health CEC said that  it’s a normal occurrence as 40 cases have so far been recorded worldwide.