Four out of five Kenyans lacking medical insurance,Health CS


Nairobi,KENYA:Health cabinet secretary Sicily Kariuki has said that four out of five Kenyans have no access to medical insurance.

Speaking during a commemoration of world health day in Nairobi on Friday, Kariuki said that only three percent of low income Kenyans have access to medical insurance, 12 percent in rural areas and  27 percent in urban areas.

Kariuki said that due to levels of poverty that have adversely affected large population of Kenyans, the government is prompted execute the universal health cover in bid to increase the number of Kenyans who access the health care.

“At least four out of five Kenyans have no access to medical insurance there are disparities between the the rural and urban.”Kariuki said

She said that the national government, county government and development partners will push for the health coverage whose realization is due in two years.

Kariuki also indicated that the government wills fast track the 2017 health act to propel the realization of human resource where rates of coverage   stand at approximately 20 percent.

The ministry pointed that there is a significance improvement on maternal health care and fertility rates in the country due to partnership among the stakeholders.

Consequently, the ministry of health has also signed a partnership with the world health organization in bid to oversee success of the universal health coverage across the country.