Security camps set up on terror hotspots along Lamu-Garsen road


Lamu,KENYA:The national government has now set up security camps in all areas believed to be Al Shabaab hotspots along the Lamu-Garsen road.

The move is meant to weed out Al Shabaab attacks that have previously happened on the road and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of security officers and civilians between the year 2014 to 2017.

Lamu county commander Muchangi Kioi said the camps have specifically been erected at Milihoi,Nyongoro and Lango la Simba areas all of which are renowned terror hotspots from where militants have ambushed and launched attacks on security vehicles and transport buses plying the route.

Kioi said a considerable number of troops and security officers have also been deployed to reinforce patrols in the areas in order to prevent any further attacks from the militants.

He however assured all travelers using the road of their safety saying there was adequate security presence.

 “We have identified and marked all hotspots for terrorists on the Lamu-Garsen road. We have also gone ahead to establish police camps in the identified areas including Milihoi, Nyongoro and Lango la Simba. I can assure you that enough security barricades have been set up in all the terror hotspot areas. Travelers and pedestrians should rest assured that their security is guaranteed. The hotspots are well managed,” said Kioi.

The police boss noted that terror attacks and ambushes that had become the norm on the route had greatly reduced ever since the extra security camps were established in the hotspots.

He however appealed for total cooperation from travelers using the road which includes the requirements to have passengers alight from vehicles to be frisked by security agencies manning the various roadblocks erected on the road.

 “There is a reduction in the number of Al-Shabaab attacks on the road since the camps were established.My appeal to the road users is that they should respect the orders by our security agencies mining the road. If you are told to stop for frisking, just do that. It’s for your own good,” said Kioi.

He also appealed to drivers and other motorists to stick to convoys that have armed police escort in order to avert any surprises and warned that action will be taken against those who shall not adhere to the directive.

Kioi also warned private car owners and shuttle Nissans who are reported to be defying the night travel ban on the road and have been ferrying passengers to and from Lamu at night.

He warned that such people will only have themselves to blame if they are attacked on their way adding that the night travel ban is still on.

 “I want to clearly state that there is no vehicle which is supposed to travel at night and anyone doing such is directly putting their lives at risk. The night travel ban is still on. Drivers and travelers must all stick to secured convoys. Follow the rules and stay safe,” said Kioi.