Diamond’s photographer Kifesi lectures him over Zari

Diamond and his photographer Kifesi PHOTO COURTESY

Diamond’s official photographer Kifesi has come out to question his bosses decision to let go his baby mama Ugandan socialite and enterprenuer Zari Hassan.

This comes after Zari jetted back into Tanzania to sign a multi million deal as a brand ambassador for  diaper company softcare diapers

Kifesi who started from the bottom with Diamond took to Instagram to share his concerns and some words of advice to Chibu as he is known to most of his fans.

According to him, Zari is blessing from God and a good mom and he intends to keep praying for his boss to come back to his senses and try to get back Zari.

This will however not be the first time celebrities from TZ have cautioned diamond on letting Zari go. Idris sultan had previously asked the ‘sikomi’ hit maker to go down on his knees and ask for Zari’s forgiveness.

Surprisingly Wema Sepetu, Diamond’s ex girlfriend had also asked him to get back with his baby mama and raise a family together.

Diamond had dated Zari for four years and sired two children together before the sultry socialite ended their relationship with an Instagram post on Valentines Day.

However Kifesi’s post has surprised most of Diamond’s fans as has regulary clashed with Zari over his opinion on Diamond’s affairs.