KNUT wants new curriculum dropped over implementation faliure


Nairobi,KENYA:The Kenya National Union of Teachers has urged the government to drop the piloting of new curriculum of schools indicating that it has flopped  in totality.

 In media briefing in Nairobi KNUT Sec general Wilson Sossion said that the government ought to abandon the process altogether alleging that the program should not proceed because the teaching materials have not been availed to schools whereby some books that have been dispatched to some stations entail errors.

He said that failure by the government to provide adequate training to teachers on the new curriculum and  teachers  menace in the North Eastern are some of the factors the government should consider in dropping the project.

“There is confusion in the ministry, teachers have not been trained, text books have not been delivered, so what a new curriculum a we talking about.”Sossion said

“If the government is not ready ,let it  abandon it, leave it if you can’t do it leave it.”He added

He accused the government for failing to execute the roll out of the curriculum in a proper manner rendering it to fail.

Sossion also accused the Kenya Institute of curriculum Development top officials for failing to enhance the curriculum initiative  in the into the grass roots rendering it amorphous too.

The 2-6-3-3-3 model places emphasis on formative years of learning where learners will spend a total of eight years – 2 in pre-primary and six in primary.

Subjects to be taught in lower primary are Kiswahili, English, literacy, and mother tongue as well as science, social studies and agricultural activities.

Upper primary will include Kiswahili, English, Mathematics, Home Science, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Creative Arts (art, craft and music), Moral and Life Skills and Physical and Health Education.

Others are social studies (citizenship, geography and history) with an option of a foreign language (French, German, Chinese and Arabic).

He indicated that the government should uphold the 8-4-4 system and fill any gaps in order to customize it.

On teachers strike which is looming, he demanded that the ministry of labor must give them the certificate of disagreement which stipulates their plights among them de-localization, promotions and appraisal of teachers across the country.

He warned that the ministry must give the certificate by mid April which will permit them to take action.