Nyota ndogo on a mission to find her Zambian family

Nyota Ndogo together with the sisters.

Coast songstress Nyota Ndogo is on a mission to look for her lost family members who she believes are residing in Zambia.

The songstress who was born and resides in Mombasa recently revealed that none of her parents are Kenyans  as her father is from Tanzania while  her mother  hails from Tunduma a small town in Southern Tanzania near the border with  Zambia.

Nyota says her mother was taken from Zambia  at a tender age of 14 years by her fathers friend who promised  to educate her only to end up  turning her into a househelp.

However Nyota says  her mother has not forgotten her roots as she says she is th last one in a family of 15.

“hatujui mtu hata Moja wakutoka upande wa mama.anasema kwa wapo kumi na tano na yeye ndio Alikua wa mwisho.hajui kama babake yupo ama hayupo.anasema anatokea tunduma.nataka kufanya tour ya kumtafutia familia yake.alikuja vipi Kenya? Rafiki ya babake alikwenda kumchukua kwa wazazi wake nakusema anakuja kumsomesha badala yake akamjeuza kijakazi,”( We don’t know anyone from my mother’s family.She is she is the last born in a family of 15  and hails from Tunduma, I want to trace her roots  to understand how she landed in Kenya. A friend to her father picked her from her family promising to educate her but instead turned her into a househelp” Nyota wrote

Nyota also posted a video where her mother was speaking in a language that  does not sound like a Kenyan language asking her fans if they recognized the language.

Nyota has enjoyed a close relationship with her mother, last year she build her mother a house  after calling out her sisters who she accused of neglecting her mother.