Youth urge leaders to address radicalization, sexual reproductive health in Mombasa

Youth during a past JIACTVATE campaign forum. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: The youth in Mombasa have called upon county leaders to look into issues of unemployment, youth radicalization and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) within the county.

This was revealed during a county youth engagement forum dubbed ‘JIACTIVATE mtaa’ held on Wednesday.

The campaign seeks to provide a platform for young people to influence political leadership and policymaking at the county level by way of meaningful engagements.

Speaking during the forum, JIACTIVATE chairperson Ms. Sheenan said the youth are the majority stakeholders in the nation’s future and the forum seeks to constructively engage Mombasa county leaders especially on the issues of unemployment, SRHR and youth radicalization.

“We have done our research in several counties and we have been sensitizing the youth about their rights and responsibilities in collaboration with the county government.” Said Ms. Mbau.

According to roots of radicalization report released in 2017, a larger part of Kenyans believe that unemployment and frustration with the government and political system drive many youths to radical groups.

The report also added that almost 56% of respondents claimed that lack of jobs was a major factor in youth radicalization while 20% of them cited poor governance.

Through this forum, the youth can voice their agenda by proposing avenues for tackling socio-economic challenges they face and be aware of the right personnel to approach at the county level to find answers to issues that matter to them in their counties.

This is ongoing through activities such as debates, street art and speeches from key county leaders all geared towards ironing out issues and finding solutions to them.

Local youth leader Alfred Sigo said they are asking policymakers, designers and implementors at both national and county levels to work with them.

” We call upon them to work with us as we continue to elevate the voice of Kenyan youth through extensive consultation with all stakeholders.” Said Mr. Sigo.

Also present at the event, Nyali deputy constituency manager Kevin Inanga said there is need to conduct public barazas with the youth to inform them of the government opportunities and funds available such as Uwezo fund.