Video: RnB singer Omarion does Odi dance challenge


“itakuwa favour odi ikishika Jamaica” is a line in the hit gospel song odi dance;It seems a little favour is already following the hit maker as the odi dance challenge caught up with American RnB superstar Omarion.

Omarion who was in Nairobi for diamond’s ‘a boy from Tandale’ album launch got the chance to learn the odi from local presenter Mwalimu Racheal.

Judging from the moves in most of his music videos and from ‘you got served’ one of the best street dance movies ever filmed, Omarion clearly is a very good dancer and it didn’t take long for the ice box singer to do the odi dance like a pro.

This is not the first time he is learning Kenyan moves last year when he was in the country he actually donned a Maasai attire and did the “Maasai jump”.

This dance has been addictive and we just can’t stop jamming to the it inlcuding local celebrities like TV news anchor Betty Kyalo, comedian Timothy kimani aka Njugush and most recently, wait for it, DP William Ruto.

I bet we can all say itakuwa favour odi ikishika America.

See the video below: