Lamu family seeks help to raise fees for son to join High School

Mbwana Tora and his mother fatma Tora in Lamu. The family is seeking for help for the son to join high school. PHOTO: NATASHA NEMA.

Lamu, KENYA: A family in terror-prone Kiunga area in Lamu East is seeking financial assistance to enable their son join form one and pursue his secondary school education.

Mbwana Tora,16 scored 346 marks in his KCPE after which he received a calling letter to join Mpeketoni Boys High School, a national school.

His parents; his father Tora Bwana,70 and his mother Fatma Shee 50 say due to poverty, they can’t afford the Sh.53,000 per year school fees for their son whom they also describe as their only hope at a better life in future.

The family has exhausted their little resources seeking medical attention for Tora’s father who is plagued by old age and related illnesses.

The boy was supposed to have joined school since January 15 but hasn’t been able due to lack of finances.

“My son is still at home yet others are in school.It pains my heart to see him at home since he passed well and deserves to pursue his education.I really believe that he is the light that will take this family out of poverty.Am trusting God will provide help.I don’t understand why the county government has deserted us even after promising to sponsor all those called to national schools,” said Fatma.

Earlier on, acting Education Officer in Lamu County Abdalla Bargash had been quoted promising that all students who had been called to national schools in the county would receive full scholarships to pursue their education.

“When my son reported to the school he had been called in he was told no money had been paid by the county government for his school fees and as such he wouldn’t be allowed in.I still can’t understand why someone would make such a promise and not follow through knowing that there are people like us who only depend on such initiatives.How I wish someone out there will do something.I just want my boy in school,” said Fatma.

Mbwana who aspires to be a doctor when he grows up expressed worry that he might not live to realize his dream is help doesn’t come along and on time.

“I am the only one in my family who has come this far in education and I still trust that with the necessary sport I can go beyond.I believe that the sky is my limit.I dream of becoming a doctor so that I can help my poor parents live in comfort, something they haven’t known for decades.I am their hope but I am also my own hope.If only I can go to school,” said Mbwana.