Bahati and Diana’s new baby will no longer be on Social Media, here is why!


It is just a week after Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife gave birth to a baby girl. The joy they had could not be hidden as they took to social media and shared with their fans the pictures.

However, this seems to not have gone well with social media users with some posting comments that were not so friendly.

Some even went ahead and warned Diana that not everyone who is online may have good intentions concerning their little angel.

This has led to Diana , through the newly created Instagram page of the newborn going by the name Heaven Bahati saying that her baby will be off social media for a while before she reveals her face.

The Instagram page has 15.5K followers already.

” I will be Off- Social Media for some time and When I come back Mummy & Daddy will show off my Beautiful face???” posted heaven Bahati.

They will be the second celebrity gospel couple to come up with an Instagram page for their baby after Size 8 and DJ Mo created one for their daughter Ladasha Belle.