Diamond Platnmuz and Ali Kiba’s kin linked to same girlfriend

Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba PHOTO COURTESY

Ali Kiba’s younger brother Abdul Kiba has opened up and revealed that she once dated singer Diamond platnumz’s alleged girlfriend Tunda Sebastian.
Abdul who is also a singer revealed to Millard Ayo that the two dated two years ago after meeting on social media.

“We met on social media and kept our relationship under wraps at the time that not many people realized’’ Abdul said.

Abdul said that at the time they were both young and still pursuing their goals and he still misses her.

However Abdul said that he had not heard of Tunda’s relationship with Diamond Platnumz and neither was he offended by reports that Tunda dating married men.

This is not the first time that Ali Kiba’s family and Diamond Platnumz are being linked to the same girlfriend.

Ali Kiba’s on and off girlfriend Jokate Mwengelo is said to have dated Diamond Platnumz in 2012 even leading to a brief breakup between him and his then girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

Diamond was even quoted telling Tanzanian press that Jokate was wife marterial in 2012.

“Jokate ndiyo mke wangu. Ana akili sana huyu mwanamke.Jokate akisikia nina shoo, anahangaika kutafuta mavazi yatakayonifanya nipendeze.”

(Jokate is my wife,She is very wise and whenever I have a show, she will do anything to ensure I dress up and look smart) Diamond was quoted saying.

However following his bitter breakup with Wema Sepetu over his now estranged baby mama Zari Hassan in 2014, Jokate and Wema who never used to see eye to eye teamed up to campaign for Ali Kiba who was up against Diamond platnumz during the Kilimanjaro music awards in 2015.