DNA test saves boy from life imprisonment


Kwale, KENYA: A Kwale law court on Monday set free a teenager who was charged with raping and impregnating a 16-year-old girl.

This is after a report from the medic proved that the infant born was not genetically related to the boy.

The youngster named Dominick Mwero was in form two by the time he was accused.

He was arrested and put in police custody in Boyani village Matuga Sub County of Kwale County in August 2016.

Court prosecutor Cecil Wakholi told the court that the DNA test conducted proved that the accused is not the biological father of the child born hence asked the court to nullify the case.

Kwale court chief magistrate Doreen Mulekyo set free the accused quoting that the DNA test was enough to prove that the boy was not involved.

The teenager who was in form 2 by that time was in a danger of facing a life imprisonment which is the judgement for a rape case.