Likoni man breaks mother’s arm in attempt to rape sister


Mombasa,KENYA:Residents of Shonda village in Likoni,Mombasa county are still in shock after a 30-year-old man broke his mother’s hand seriously injuring her in an attempt to rape his elder sister.

The suspect identified as Vincent Wambua alias Jogoo is a last born in a family of eight and he is not married.

According to family members ,the suspect came home on Friday while drunk and started insulting her mother demanding she gives him ‘ space to do some work.’

His mother 89 year old Mrs Kalekye who has been living with them in the same house on hearing Jogoo’s sentiments , took his walking stick and beat him as he tried to remove his sisters clothes.

His sister is mentally disturbed, according to her eldest sister who identified herself as Maria.

Out of rage ,the suspect set a blaze beddings belonging to her mother protesting to be allowed to sleep with her sister.

“ He was once arrested and imprisoned for seven years at Shimo la Tewa over a similar incident.We were shocked with his behavior, that day he was totally drunk but we could not believe what we saw.This is worrying and abnormal.That alone makes us believe that the suspect has been raping his sister, somebody cannot wake up one day and demand sex, he must have been doing it regularly”she said.

“We hear him saying I want to sleep with my sister which is unusual, and on Friday is when we realized something was a miss,my mother took his walking stick and beat him severally in an attempt to rescue my sister ,if it was not my mother this man would have raped her,”added Maria.

The commotion attracted attention of resident flocked the house and  frogmarched to Inuka police station, about 100 metres away.

Other family members claim the suspect threatened to rape her mother but the mother defended herself by beating him with a walking stick.

Likoni police boss Benjamin Rotich confirmed the incident was reported at Inuka police station.

“The suspect was actually arrested and will be charged with two counts, assault and arson”, the police boss said.

“He set ablaze his mother’s clothes and bedding after injuring her by breaking her hand” he added.