Step aside Njaanuary, Here comes February!!

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Mombasa,KENYA:Hello February it seems you are our new hope we were almost smuggled by Njaanuary.

It’s our hope that you will uplift our wallets; you will also make us smile once again.

Kenyans have a big reason now to smile after a Njaanuary dry spell.

We have really struggled to endure the season but it’s over now. It was good knowing you Njaanuary.

We have not seen so much shopping list at our home but thanks to our dearest “KDF, chipo mwitu , mokimo and that supu ya mboosho “ .

You did not take any prisoner. Most of us suffered!! Landlords are still threatening to put big padlocks on our doors. Mama mboga’s no longer give us sukuma wiki on credit!.

Some of us are still dodging junior’s teachers on the street. Ile school fee balance ya December hatujamaliza!…woii!!.

You know Mr. Njaanuary, we overspent when we were with your last born (December). Sorry we took you for granted and you indeed showed us your are the boss!.

Ohh! Njaanuary, we say see you in 2019.Next time kindly be gentle with us. Pinch us with love as we pick ourselves up for what lies ahead.

Scrolling our phonebooks endlessly looking for someone to kopesha us some chapaa proved fruitless. I just discovered I haven’t spoken to some people for a year so it was kinda hard to just call and “omba some favours”.

Ooh before I forget, next time we expect you to end exactly on 30th and not 39th or 49th.Just 30th.

Valentine is now around the corner and this could just be another good reason for us to be happy.

I know preparation for love seasons has already begun and we can’t just get enough of our lovely February.

With you we expect to hit more again, do a lot of shopping our dearest February.Apple of our eyes!

Look the slay queens have patiently waited for you please adhere to their cry let them hug out and enjoy the month of love.

Author: Branice Kileteny