Friends turned foes? Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat exchange blows

Otile brown and Timmy Tdat on the set of their song Wenge PHOTO COURTESY

There seem to be a full blown beef between two musical friends Timmy Tdat and Otile brown.

Word is going round that the two friends decided to sort out the mess physically after exchanging blows during a private party organized by Tanzanian power couple Vannessa Mdee and Jux in Nairobi.

According to sources it all began when Otile received a phone call and went to answer it outside and when he came back he called Timmy aside and a brawl ensued and before the fellow guests could fathom what was happening the two were already exchanging blows.

Sources at the party say it took the intervention of rapper Prezzo and Kenyan media personality Shaffie Weru to calm the fight between the two intocixated friends.

Timmy and Otile have worked together on their single wembe which has been  embroiled in controversy after two upcoming musicians accused the duo of stealing the song from them.

It is not yet clear what triggered the exchange of blows but Timmy Tdat seems not to have buried the hatchet with Otile if his instagram post is anything to go by.

Timmy urged anyone who has a problem with him if to look for him in an instagram posted a few hours ago.

Otile on the other hand has remained mute on the matter.