Suspected drug dealers granted bail by Lamu court


Lamu,KENYA:Three suspected drug dealers were on Friday released by the Lamu law courts on a Sh.250,000 bond each.

Bhai Abdalla,Kassim Bila and Khadija Mkali were all arrested  at a house in Langoni area on Wednesday in a sting operation by police on drug dens .

The three were found in possession of 73 big rolls of bhang believed to have been smuggled in from Tanzania whose street value is yet to be ascertained.

They denied the drug smuggling charges before Lamu resident magistrate Njeri Thuku and were released on a Sh.250,000 each.

The case shall be heard on March 13 this year.

Their arrest comes just days after more than ten drug suspects were arrested in Lamu East.

The suspects were arrested in an intense crackdown conducted by police officers over the previous weekend.

The ten were arrested in Kizingitini, Faza, Pate, Tchundwa, Mbwajumwali and other parts of Lamu East.

They include Hassan Ali, Asman Seif, Hussein Mujahid, Shariff Mohamed Famau, Ashraf Athman, Fuad Abuu, Kazungu Kaingu, Dickson Kasena, Teodo Abdulazizi and Fauz Jidale.

So far over 50 drug dealers have been arrested and arraigned in Lamu since  November last year when police launched intensive crackdown.

According to Lamu County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo, the crackdown shall proceed until the war on drugs is won.