Human right group wants KDF withdrawn from Somalia


Mombasa, KENYA: Human rights organizations in Mombasa want the government to withdraw its troops fighting al-Shabaab terrorist in Somalia.

Human rights organization Haki Afrika claims that the army has failed to deal with the terror group conclusively from carrying out continuous terror attacks against civilians, particularly in Lamu county.

The rights group wants the national parliament to pass a legislation that will allow the Kenya Defense Forces to withdraw troops from Somalia, so they can guard their own porous border and prevent al-Shabab militants attacks.

Francis Auma, Haki Afrika’s Program officer, on Thursday told Baraka FM that despite the Kenyan army fighting al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia, the very same militants have been crossing into the country and harming citizens especially in Lamu county which borders Somalia.

In a press conference early January, Coast region coordinator Nelson Marwa said the security officers taking part in the operation of flushing out al-Shabaab in  Lamu County are well established and equipped with modern facilities to fight militants.

Marwa is optimistic that Kenya Defense Forces will eventually win the fight against al-Shabaab militants.

In November 2015, the government launched operation Linda Boni in Lamu county to flush out al-Shabaab militants hiding in the vast Boni Forest between Lamu and the Somalia Border.

Recently when he was in Mombasa, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang told residents that the government had the situation under control and that they were deploying more security officers in the area to prevent further attacks.

The al-Shabaab terror group which seeks to introduce sharia law in Somalia has been a major security threat at the coast of Kenya, prompting citizens to criticize the government for failing to provide them adequate security.