Ukur’s nomination as CS opposed by Marsabit leaders

President Uhuru Kenyatta with former Marsabit Governor Ukur Yattani during the Frontier Alliance Party National Delegates conference. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: A group of leaders from  Marsabit County have vehemently opposed the nomination of the former Marsabit governor Ukur Yattan as the cabinet secretary in the President Uhuru’s government.

The leaders argue that Ukur’s political career repeatedly demonstrates contempt for the rule of law, and thrives on politics of division and exclusion, the cultivation of suspicion, fear, and mistrust amongst the communities.

Through a press statement sent to newsrooms on Thursday, the leaders led by Mohammed Muhamud who is also the current governor of Marsabit county was of the view that, Yattan has constantly featured in the corruption-related lists of shame while acting as the governor of the county.

“It is also worthwhile to remind the Kenyan nation that Amb Ukur has constantly featured in the corruption-related lists of shame. He is currently under investigation by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for abuse of office, involvement in corrupt deals and mega scandals and misappropriation of public funds. His appointment portends a serious affront to Chapter 6 of our constitution as it seriously lowers the integrity bar.” Part of the statement read.

He pointed that, his nomination is unmerited and does not advance the interest and the aspirations of the Kenyan people to dwell in peace, love and unity but regarded as harmful to the communities in Marsabit and the region.

“We, the leadership of Marsabit county are of the view that this appointment is tantamount to celebrating impunity and divisive politics” as quoted by the statement.

The leaders are of the idea that they will take any legal actions available to ensure that this untrusted nominee is not appointed to benefit in the name of Marsabit County and the region.

“We undertake to petition Amb Ukur’s nomination to the Parliamentary Vetting and Appointment Committee. Amb Ukur is acutely aware that we have enough grounds to petition his nomination and we are confident the Vetting and Appointment Committee will uphold our petition.” It said.

However, they believe that despite the opposition they portray towards Yattan, the CS position still belongs to the Marsabit and the region.

“Marsabit County has benefited from the National Government nominations of CS’s. We the leaders of Marsabit believe that this position of CS belongs to Marsabit and the region. We also believe that H.E the President when giving this nomination must have considered, among others the following for Marsabit County” it says.

The move was also supported by Marsabit County Senator Godana Hargura, Nominated Senator Canon Naomi WaKo, Safia Sheikh Adan – Women Rep, Marsabit County, Dido Rasso – MP Saku Constituency, Musa Arbele – MP Laisamis Constituency, Qalicha Gufu – MP Moyale Constituency, Mathew Loltome – Speaker, Marsabit County Assembly and Halkano Konso – Majority Leader, Marsabit County .