18000 schools yet to acquire title deeds

Pupils of Langata primary protest against grabbing of their schools play field in 2015 PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa,KENYA:18000 schools are yet to acquire title deeds three years after the president directed for schools to acquire title deeds.

This is according to the chairman of the national lands commission Mohamed Swazuri who told journalists that about 4000 schools had acquired title deeds out of the estimated 22,000.

“So far we have about 4000 countrywide out of the estimated 24,000” Swazuri said.

Swazuri who was speaking in Mombasa said numerous challenges such as school lands being owned by municipalities, reluctance of schools to foot survey fees and some schools being in donated land were slowing down the process.

Last year, lands CS Joseph Kaimenyi said 41% public schools were under the risk of public encroachment while 14% had registered attempted cases of land grabbing.

Kaimenyi had blamed the lack of development in schools on lacking title deeds.

“To be honest, there is no way our schools can develop when out of 40,577 public schools in Kenya, 24,405 schools (83 per cent) lack lease certificates while another 55 per cent (16,172) are not surveyed,” Kaimenyi told reporters last year.

Mombasa county has in the past been named as one of the counties where schools lands are vulnerable to land grabbing.