Education Ministry warns against parents paying for painting school buses yellow


Nairobi, KENYA: The Ministry of Education has downplayed allegations by some schools that there is no money to execute the ministry’s directive to have school buses painted yellow.

In a media release on Monday, the ministry said that the allegations are untrue following the fact that the government wired money to schools, whereby the total money for free education amounting to 22,444 per student, where transport and travel have been factored in.

The statement pointed that the schools can use the funds to execute the order indicating that such extra cost cannot be passed to parents because the government has capped school fees.

“The Shs.22, 244 that each student receives under the Free Day Secondary education programme includes money that caters for Local Transport and Travel for students.”The statement said

“This covers school vehicle maintenance, repairs, fuels, travel as well as insurance. This item ordinarily covers painting of the vehicles as part of its routine maintenance and improvement of the look of the vehicles. “Statement added

Part of the Sh29.5 billion the government released for the first term of free secondary education is substantial amounts of money schools should use to change the colours of the school buses to yellow.

In giving the 30th March 2018 deadline, the Acting Cabinet Secretary for Education executed a provision in Traffic (Amendment) Act, 2016 requiring that all school buses be painted yellow with the school’s name written on them in black.

According to the Bill, a motor vehicle designated to transport children to or from school, or for any non-school related activity, must be fitted with safety belts designed to be used by children.