100 pupils from Kilifi joining Form one national schools get scholarship

Deputy Minority Leader and Kilifi North Mp Owen Baya PHOTO file

Kilifi, KENYA: One hundred needy pupils joining form one in national schools have secured a four years scholarship.

The scholarship which is funded by Kilifi North Constituency Development Fund, will be partially sponsored where the CDF will fund 50% and parents to cater for the other 50%.

Speaking during a meeting with students at Juwaba conference hall on Saturday, Kilifi North Member of Parliament Owen Baya said the scholarship is aimed at ensuring no student is left behind or goes to a school he/she did not get.

He said the tendency of students going to Extra County and County schools instead of their national schools has been a big contributor to the low standards of education in the area and the entire Kilifi County.

“We are here today to meet with these national school students, to familiarize and know each other first,” Owen said.

“Secondly, we have rolled out a program to ensure these students work industriously to achieve their goals and bring us what is worth their scholarship,” he added.

He said all students who will not be doing well in school and class will be omitted from the scholarship program.

As a result, he said he has set up a committee to follow up and evaluate the performances of the students every end term.

“I want to challenge the students that I will not tolerate failure in class at all and all those who will fail will be withdrawn from this scholarship immediately and given to other needy students,” he said.

“In April I will host you all at my residence without your parents. Every one of you will get time to tell me the experience of the schools you went to. So make sure you have something positive to tell me that day. All the best and God bless you,” he said.

The students are expected to get their Cheques on Wednesday.