Tundu Lissu wants international community to intervene in Tanzania


Nairobi,KENYA:Singida east legislator who is also a the opposition chief whip in the Tanzanian parliament has urged the international community to intervene on grave human rights violations allegedly transpiring in Tanzania after he was shot 38 times in the Tanzanian administrative capital Dodoma last year.

In a media briefing on Friday at the Nairobi hospital after he was discharged from hospital ,Lisu Said that the shooting he underwent through was an attempts to assassinate him over the fact that he has been at the forefront in criticizing the Tanzania government led by president , Dr John Pombe Magufuli.

“This was a political assasination ,when governments and all his agents start targeting its critics for killing ,for assasination ,it is time for the international community to step in .”Lisu said

He said that on September 7th last year unknown assailants followed him from parliamentary buildings in Dodoma to his house where they hit his car with 38 rounds of ammunition with 16 of the bullets hitting him.

“I was shot 16 times for denouncing president Magufuli who since coming to office ,has turned the country literally into a police state.”Lisu said

He accused the government of Tanzania for muzzling the media ,opposition and human rights organisations to an extent of masterminding assassinations.

He accused the president for failing to talk about the issue also parliament for failing to settle his medical bills at the Nairobi hospital.

He also accused the Tanzanian police force for failing to undertake preliminary investigations of shootings he underwent.

“As i speak today ,the government of Tanzania and police force ,has not said who is the suspect ,they have not made a single arrest ,it has not given a single report on any investigation.”Lisu said

He was discharged from hospital whereby he is scheduled to go to unspecified country in Europe before he comes back to the East African region.