Godec urges Raila to give Uhuru chance of delivering promises to Kenyans

US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Nairobi, KENYA: US ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has urged NASA leader Raila Odinga to give President Uhuru Kenyatta time to deliver on his mandate to Kenyan people urging them to embrace structured dialogue.

Speaking in parliament after holding a meeting with Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka on Thursday, Godec said that even if there is need for talks in the country, there is need also for the opposition to give the president humble time to deliver his promises to Wananchi especially the four pillars which include Infrastructure, Education, Health and Housing.

“The election season is over and its time for the country to move forward and develop the country, help the president attain his four pillars. But there are some issues that must be done conclusively, in order to bring the country together.”Godec said

He said that the Kenyan people must be at the forefront in embracing a comprehensive national dialogue following the fact that Washington is backing the move so as to see Kenya as a united nation.

Senate speaker Ken Lusaka said that dialogue must be held within the confines of the law.

“Of course we want the country United, but we’re a law-abiding country so everything must be done within those confines.The conversation must be based on the confines of the law since we have to move on as a country and stop politicking.”Lusaka said.

He urged all political players to respect the independence of various institutions including parliament.

“We must respect our independent institutions in place for the progress of the country.”He said