Teachers in terror-prone areas urged to stop being faint-hearted


Lamu, KENYA: Linda Boni operation director Joseph Kanyiri has called on teachers and other civil servants working in terror-prone areas in Lamu to stop being timid to deliver their mandates ostensibly for security concerns.

This comes after schools in Basuba, Milimani, Mangai, Mararani, and Kiunga failed to open as teachers and pupils continue to keep away due to insecurity caused by Alshabaab.

Speaking in his office in Lamu on Wednesday, Kanyiri said the areas are fairly stable for teaching and learning to take place.

Kanyiri said security in the areas optimal in a manner that can enable all public servants working there to ‘deliver their motherland.

He lashed out at teachers who are hesitant to report to work in the terror-prone areas saying the preference to work from comfort zones shall not be tolerated by any state department.

“Kenyans are entitled to government services and any dithering in service delivery shall be dealt with expeditiously.People should stop fretting, panicking and being afraid to work in the name of security concerns.The security in Basuba is fairly stable for learning to happen,” said Kanyiri.

Over 400 pupils from all over Basuba ward in Lamu east are yet to know the fate of their education after their schools which have been closed for the last three years owing to security concerns caused by Alshabaab remained shut on day two on the first term.

Parents and pupils had been hopeful that the schools would re-open this year.

Those who spoke expressed concern that many pupils especially girls might fail to live up to their dreams and get tempted to rush into early marriages due to prolonged idleness.

“Girls don’t have as much patience as boys.They can easily be lured into young marriages or even fall pregnant while at home.Why can’t the government do something to save them,” said Fatma Ali.

In early 2015, over 10 teachers who had been posted to various schools in Basuba ward by TSC fled after receiving direct threats on their lives by Alshabaab and haven’t returned ever since, a situation that paralyzed learning in all schools.

Kanyiri has also appealed to the TSC to consider the plight of the Boni child in Basuba and deploy enough teachers to schools in the region.

The TSC Director in Lamu county Charles Nyauma said the security office in the county hadn’t given him a clear directive on the state of security in Basuba to enable him to decide on what to do.

He said he was ready to deploy teachers to the areas once the government assures him of their security and not otherwise.

“The teachers are there but the security office must first of all break down the state of security.If things are okay we shall send teachers there, I mean why not,” said Nyauma.