Pregnancy tests should be compulsory in all schools! Demand women’s group


Kilifi, KENYA: Maendeleo ya Wanawake organization in Kilifi County are pushing for the making of a Law that will require all girls in Primary and Secondary schools to undergo pregnancy tests after every three months.

The move which they say is because of the increasing statistics of teenage pregnancy in the county, is expected to commence this year when the January term begins.

Speaking on Wednesday during a meeting in Kilifi town, Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization chair lady Witness Tsuma said that the move has been in existence before but lack of a policy to govern it has been the main obstacle.

She said the organization will ensure the bill has been passed into law as early as possible in the early months of 2018.

“We have decided to enforce this move for our school children due to the increasing statistics of child pregnancy in Kilifi County,” Ms. Tsuma said.

“We want our parents to be responsible for their children both educationally and health wise. This is the only way to know their responsibility and every beginning of a new term all girls will have to pass through this requirement,” she added.

Kilifi County has been in the headlines almost every year for being among leading Counties when it comes to teenage pregnancy.

It is feared that every year hundreds of pupils and students drop out of school due to teenage pregnancy.

Stakeholders say the County Government and national government must come together to regulate “night ceremonies”.

Sometime back, former Kilifi County Commissioner Joseph Keter had been in the front line in the fight against teenage pregnancy.

The situation is said to have a great contribution in the poor performance of schools in the region.