Persons living with disabilities complain marginalization in Tana River

Tana river governor Major Dhadho Godhana during his swearing in.The governor has said that inherited debts are still paralyzing operations in his county PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River,KENYA:Persons living with disability in Tana River have accused the county government of undermining their right to be represented in the leadership of the county.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, the county chairman for people living with disability Mr. Said Babwoya said they had fought for that right but in vain.

According to him, he had briefed the county governor Mr. Dhadho Godhana on their predicament to which he got a positive response a few weeks before the county government advertised for CEC positions.

Mr. Babwoya claims he informed his friends whom he felt were qualified after the vacancies were advertised and four of them applied of which only one applicant was shortlisted but surprisingly he didn’t appear on the list of nominees who were to be vetted by the assembly.

“I informed my people (PWLDs) and four of them applied but because of their own hidden agenda which we were not told, our representative mr. Hussein Kilo Soba was left out,” He said.

Mr Bwaboya says the luck was on their side after the list was rejected by the county assembly on grounds of not meeting the threshold but again another list submitted by the Governor himself omitted their colleagues name without giving valid reasons.

The chairman has blamed the former county regime saying that Mr Salma Mohamed a nominated MCA in Hussein Dado’s regime had been nominated by the ODM party but not by the county government and she did not do enough to fight for their representation.

“In the past government we got only ten slots of employment out seven hundred people which was a very small number,” Shehe added.

The leaders now want the current county government to set aside for them a position for CEC and Chief Officer otherwise they would head to court to petition for their recognition.