Operations resume at St Mary’s hospital Langata

Patients at the facility on Thursday PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Operations have resumed  at St. Mary’s Mission Hospital, Langata in Nairobi after  Services were disrupted on Thursday over  ownership wrangles.

 The confusion was occasioned by  Assumption Sisters of Nairobi who stormed the hospital on Thursday morning and forced the current administration out, saying they were under instructions to oversee a takeover by a new management.

The tussle escalated on Thursday resulting in a few hours of disruption and suspension of services in parts of the facility.

The new management hired new medical and non-medical staff, leaving the old hospital workers’ fate hanging in the balance.

The management is alleged to have hired 143 new staff, including 20 doctors, 20 clinical officers and 50 nurses.

Speaking at the hospital on Friday ,Kenya medical practitioners pharmacists and Dentists union ( KMPDU) Dr Ouma Oluga condemned the incident urging the two factions to solve their differences amicably.

He warned on the manner in which  the new management entered to the facility warning that such scenario might have gone overboard by breaking some of the labor laws which might land them into trouble.

“A times this kind of take overs they may  have overstepped the labor laws which might come back to bite them .There are issues to do with contracts, there are issues to do with termination.”Dr Oluga said

The Sisters went to court to seek legal redress after Father Fryda declined to hand over the management of the hospitals to them in 2010.

 They claimed that the hospitals were their brainchild and that Father Fryda had only come in as a medical doctor and nothing more.

Father Fryda, however, claimed that the Assumption Sisters only held control of the hospitals in trust as he could not legally own land in Kenya.