Committee to resolve Human -wildlife conflict in Tana River to be established

Residents of Imenti in Meru county push an elephant that had been trampling on farm crops towards a river .Human wildlife conflict in Kwale has goven rise to an illegal bushmeat market in Kwale county PHOTO COURTESY

Tana River,KENYA:Security stakeholders in Tana River county have been forced to establish a joint committee over prolonged wrangles between KWS and residents in Kone areas of Tana Delta sub county.

Speaking at a meeting, Tana River County governor Dhadho Godhana confirmed to the residents that the committee would come up with resolutions to the matter.

The committee which is yet to be established  will be comprising of administration, KWS, County government, locals, Galana ADC and office of the Garsen Mp.

Concerning the conflict between the two parties, the county boss Dahdo Godhana said if not solved,it would derail his developmental agenda to the county.

Mr. Godhana urged the stakeholders to unite as one as he named it to be the only way of promoting economy for the county instead of involving in matters of undermining his development dream.

“No far we can proceed with development if we engage ourselves in creating conflicts. We should stop that behavior in order to change our county economy from negative to positive future,” He said.

Villagers had raised claims that KWS was harassing those who found herding in the conservancies and some areas of Tsavo.

They claimed KWS officers have arrested herders severally and taking away their animals with intention of barring them from grazing .

Most of the elders blame one tycoon who owns a conservancy in the area saying he is behind all their troubles with the KWS.

“Sometimes KWS officers confiscate our livestock and transport them using vehicles. They have done it severally in our area,” one of the locals said.

Tana River County KWS boss John Wambua affirmed that officers are operating under wildlife laws in Kenya and allowing them to graze their livestock in the park will be against the laws.

Mr. Wambua added, that will be only allowable if the wildlife laws are to be amended.

The chief boss assured the locals that the committee which its formation was underway will draft proposals from the locals and recommendations to the government.

The county leaders called upon the villagers to embrace peace as the county has history of high volatility. Some community elders told KWS to allow the herders into the parks for their animals to graze saying KWS is in charge of wildlife why should they segregate domestic animals?