Man attacked by angry lion in Tana River


Tana River, KENYA: A 26-year-old man in Asa Kone, Tana Delta Sub-county, Tana River is nursing injuries after being attacked by an angry lion while taking care of his livestock nearby Tsavo East.

The incident is said to have occurred last week, but because of poor network and transport in those areas, the man could not be taken for treatment.

Speaking to Baraka FM on Friday, Galgalo Golo a relative to Isa Kuno (the injured man) said the man was herding his livestock before realizing that one of his animals had been attacked by a lion and he ran to rescue his animal.

According to Mr. Galgalo, the angry lion after seeing him,  pounced onhim and broke his left hand.

“The man was taking care of his animals in the interior areas of Tana River far from areas of Kone, places bordering Tsavo East when a lion attacked his cow. He rushed towards where the incident was to rescue his cow but the lion pounced on him and broke his left hand severely,” Mr. Galgalo said.

Kone area is hundreds of kilometers from Garsen where the main road for Hola – Malindi is. The area has poor communication network.

Tana River County KWS boss Mr. John Wambua told Baraka FM that he had not received any information of the attack but he confirmed of another attack from the same area but the person who was attacked got out-patient services.

“I got information of another attack from those areas but the person was taken to hospital for treatment and taken back home. The information of that man who is still in pain since last week has not reached me maybe you give me the number of the contact person to get it in our records,” KWS boss said.