Controversial preacher Gilbert Deya released on 1 M bond

Archbishop Gilbert Deya outside a court in London at a past hearing PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA:The high court has directed the release of Bishop Gilbert Deya on a 1 million shillings bond with a surety of 2 million shillings, after being held at Kamiti Maximum Prison for 4 months.

Chief Justice Francis Andayi on Thursday said the terms of the release will be effected on January 17.

The magistrate ordered after release, the accused should be reporting to Muthaiga Police station every week and surrender his traveling documents in court.

He also said that his lawyer would be held responsible if his (client) absconds the court.

The court will continue hearings on the case on January 18, 2018.

The controversial Bishop and Evangelist was extradited to Kenya in August this year to face charges of children trafficking and later taken to court but pleaded not guilty to all the accusations.

The Bishop was deported after losing a long-standing court battle against extradition, in which he argued that it would breach his human rights by sending him back to his home country.

Previous attempts to deport him have been futile as he had been filing appeal after appeal.