Police issued with shoot to kill order on criminal gangs in Likoni

A police officer engaging suspected criminals in a past shoot out. A report by civil activists shows that 107 people were killed by police in 2019 PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Mombasa have been issued a shoot to kill order on all criminal gangs armed with panga/machete or any crude weapons wrecking havoc in Likoni sub-county.

Mombasa county police commander Johnstone Ipara on Monday after touring hotspots areas frequented by armed criminal gangs of watalia,wajuku wa bibi and wakalikwanza said they shall have no discussions with criminal gangs.

“We don’t have to be misquoted, whoever is armed with a panga or machete we have no discussions with him, he will be dealt with,” said Mr Ipara.

The police boss was accompanied by Mombasa county commissioner Evans Achoki, AP commander Mr. Musengeli, Likoni DCC Erick Mulevu, DCI Henry Ndombi area police boss Christopher Rotich.

Area MP Mishi Mboko and Ward Representatives were also present.

“What do you do with such a person armed with a panga? Police having a gun and a criminal gang armed with a panga what will the police do,” pause the police commander.

The police boss decried cases of insecurity in the areas of Jamvi la Wageni, Mtongwe and Shikaadabu in Likoni saying such cases will not be tolerated anymore.

Three people were slashed and seriously wounded in Jamvi la Wageni in Likoni by suspected watalia criminal gangs two weeks ago.

“You have recently witnessed what happens, lets not burry our heads in the sand it is high time now and somebody must take responsibility,” Mr. Ipara told the residents.

He asked the parents and guardians of the criminal hgang members to tell their children to change as it was not business as usual.

Mr. Ipara’s sentiments were echoed by Mombasa county commissioner Evans Achoki who said the ultimatum he issued for the gang members to surrender will not be extended but more “work’ will be expected after expiry of the ultimatum.

“Let the gang members surrender to chiefs office, local leaders or eeven to local securities, we cwould not allow three or four gangs to terrorize the whole area,” said the county commissioner.

“Police is armed with a gun, criminal gang is armed with a machete or panga, what do you want us to do,?” Asked the county commissioner.

Criminal gang members of watalia ,wajuku wa bibi and wakalikwanza have recently carried attacks against residents in likoni.

Police shot and killed one suspected gang member who tried to attack police in Sowe to area in likoni, according to police.