9-year-old boy commits suicide after loosing bet


Kilifi, KENYA: A nine-year-old boy has committed suicide in Mtondia, outskirts of Kilifi County after his gambling attempt failed to bear fruits.

The incident occurred just nine days to his 10th birthday before the deceased Silas Kazungu hanged himself in his bedroom at 10: 00 am over the weekend.

The late Kazungu, a class two pupil at Mtondia primary school is said to have been gambling with his peers using cashew nuts where each has a reasonable amount of them and when one wins he takes all the cashew nuts belonging to others.

Speaking at their home, Erastus Kazungu, the deceased’s father told Baraka FM on Monday that his wife called him to break the appalling news about the demise of their second child.

“He has been gambling with his friends where whoever wins takes all the cashew nuts belonging to them. After losing the game, his friends laughed him off and mocked him hard something that amused him and tried to fight to get his cashew nuts back but could not. That’s when he decided to hang himself,” Kazungu said.

The late Silas was an average performer in school and was set to join class three next year.

The mother of the deceased, Selina Mweni could not speak out about the sudden death of his son following emotional discomfort and trauma.

Tezo location Senior Chief Dickson Mae reached the family offering them his condolences.

“It is a little age for a boy like him to commit suicide by hanging himself, it can raise eyebrows but I urge you (the parents) to accept it as a normal death and move on,” the Chief said.

He said children have taken cashew nuts gambling as an alternative to China gambling machines which he banned in the area due to a lot of criminal activities and lack of discipline in children

He urged parents to keep a close eye on their children and ensure they do not involve themselves in such activities at the age of under 18 years.

Kilifi OCPD Alexander Makau confirmed the death and said the body is at Kilifi County Hospital Mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

The deceased will be buried next Saturday at his father’s home, Mtondia.