Family appeals for help after kin was arrested by unknown gun men


Mombasa, KENYA: A family in Mombasa is calling upon security agencies to help trace their kin who was allegedly taken away by people suspected to be anti-terror police Friday evening.

The family members accompanied by Coast legislators said Mohammed Ali Zingizi was taken away by unknown people on Friday evening at his business premises in ujamaa Likoni area and bundled into a Probox car.

His sister Munira Zingizi who spoke on behalf of the family told reporters on Sunday at Haki Africa offices that efforts to trace her brother have been fruitless.

“We have visited all police stations in an attempt to trace him, Ali has no criminal records he has been doing a business of selling fish,” said elder sister miss Zingizi.

She said after their brother disappeared they tried to reach him trough is cellphone but the recipient kept on disconnecting their calls and even went on switching off his phone.

“At 2 am on Saturday we tried to call him and the phone was on, it rang shortly before it was disconnected and later switched off. After a while it was also switched on and when we tried again it was switched off,” said Munira.

“The abductors did not identify themselves, they arrested him and bundled him into awaiting Probox, police have not assisted us in tracing our brother,” added tearful Munira.

Likoni MP Mishi Mboko said such cases of youth disappearing has been on the rise especially in Mombasa and the entire coastal region.

She said 11 youths have so far disappeared mysteriously and later they are found dead or they vanish completely without a trace.

“If they are police who kidnapped this youth, there are laws, they need to introduce themselves why they were arresting him this is becoming too much,” said Mishi Mboko.

Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharif said they have written to clerks of county assembly so those police bosses will be summoned to explain regarding such cases.

He said at least four youths disappear monthly mysteriously in Mombasa and the entire coastal region.