Tudor residents benefit from free medical camp


Mombasa,KENYA:Hundreds of Tudor area residents in Mombasa have benefited from a free medical camp offered by Tudor Health Care On Friday.

Doctors and nurses from the hospital offered free screening for chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and HIV Aids.

Sharon Okello who is a nurse and also corporate, social responsibility facilitator in the hospital, said they are also offering free check up for infectious illnesses like sexual transmitted diseases and tuberculosis.

Okello added that they are also giving out free antenatal care clinic to pregnant mothers, in the one day event.

“We have been having this free medical camp but as an in house event in all our branches. But we are thinking of making it a policy so that after every three months we have a free medical camp”, said Sharon.

The exercise targeted all ages and all sexes.

Dr. Tobius Koi, the hospital director advised the residents and the public at large to observe healthy lifestyle to avoid disease.

He said most of the patients who have showed up for the check up are of the age 35 and above, and most are suffering from disease like diabetes, which he says is mostly caused by unhealthy living.

“My advice is that people should observe healthy life style and mostly important to eat healthily”, said Dr. Koi.