Doctors amputate hand of man attacked by suspected Watalia members

Some of the weapons recovered from suspects during a past raid.Police have gunned down a suspect link to the saturday machette attack in Likoni PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa,KENYA:A man attacked by suspected Watalia machete wielding gang in Likoni Saturday has had his hand amputated.
Nicholas Omondi,30 had his hands seriously wounded after the group of over 50 attacked him with machetes and other crude weapons.

Another man who was also attacked died while undergoing treatment at the Coast General hospital.
His right hand which had deep cuts has been amputated while his left hand which sustained serious cuts is still in bandages.

He suffered serious injuries including having his hand and head severed from in the attack .

Nicholas who is admitted at the Coast general hospital in ward 8 was first attended to at the Manyatta hospital in Likoni before he was transferred in an ambulance to the Coast general hospital where he is being treated for serious knife wounds.

Nicholas told journalists he was collecting firewood as he was set to start operating local food kiosk in the area the following day when he was ambushed by group.

“What I can still remember is that it was around 10 am ,I was collecting firewood outside our home,I saw a group of young men aged between 10 and 15,they came to me and ordered me to give them my panga,they used it to slash me while others used machetes they were having, “said Omondi.

After slashing me severally I lost consciousness, I heard some saying I was not dead and they told their colleagues to make sure I was dead, he added.

Omondi who is an orphan said his life has changed drastically following the incident as he has two sisters who depend on him.

He is appealing to well wishers to assist him saying he can’t do manual jobs after his hand was amputated.
The incident prompted Police to start a crackdown on the suspects in the area which led to the killing of a suspected member of the Watalia gang on Tuesday.

According to police sources,the suspect was shot dead in Soweto slum area in Likoni after attempting to attack police officers using a machete.