Kwale Jubilee MCAs walk out in protest during People Assembly’s motion

Nominated MCA Binti Kibamba together with other Jubilee MCAs addressing the press after walking out during the Peopl's Assembly motion. PHOTO: SITA LAWRENCE.

Kwale, KENYA: Nine Kwale Jubilee MCAs on Wednesday walked out of the county assembly chambers as a sign of boycotting a people’s assembly motion which was underway during the session.

The motion was brought in the assembly by Mwavumbo MCA Joseph Ndeme who is also the majority leader of the assembly.

The Jubilee MCAs lead by Mkongani MCA who is also the minority leader Ndoro Mweruphe, purported that the motion is against the Kenyan constitution and is not targeting to benefit residents.

Nominated MCA Binti Kibamba also opposed the motion saying that it has no any benefit and they should focus on motions that aim to profit residents.

Kibamba instead urged the MCAs to unite and build Kwale as a substitute for debating useless motions.

Kasemeni MCA Antony Yama on his part said the motion was violating standing order 41 of the county assembly of Kwale.

But NASA leaders led by majority leader Joseph Ndeme stood on their side to support the motion which they said it will help in fulfilling rules that jubilee leaders have been avoiding to fulfill.

His sentiments were echoed by Puma ward mca James Dawa who said that jubilee government has been using its numbers in the parliament to undermine motions that would benefit residents.

On Wednesday morning few hours before the county assembly of Kwale begun the motion, Jubilee supporters in the county held peaceful protests against the motion.

The supporters were led by former Senator aspirant Mshenga Ruga who termed the motion irrelevant saying it will be a waste of public funds and asked the opposition leaders to focus on issues affecting the country.

“We want development and nothing else because the formation of the People’s Assembly will not solve our problems,” he said, noting that problems will only be solved by the elected leaders in the national and county governments.

He vowed to shut down the bill by rallying their supporters and leaders in the region against it.