Likoni criminal gang member gunned down as police crack down intensifies

A police officer engaging suspected criminals in a past shoot out. A report by civil activists shows that 107 people were killed by police in 2019 PHOTO: COURTESY.

Mombasa, KENYA: Police in Likoni Mombasa have gunned down suspected watalia criminal gang member in the slum area of Soweto as the crackdown on criminal gangs intensifies.

This comes a day after the suspects slashed three people in Jamvi la Wageni area in Likoni; one man died later while receiving treatment at coast general hospital in Mombasa.

According to Likoni Deputy police chief Anthony Shimoli, the suspects armed with machetes had tried to attack police officers who were on patrol and that is when he was shot dead.

He said the suspects were about ten in number but were in groups of three and four.

“His accomplices escaped, police recovered crude weapons from the suspect,” said police chief.

Manhunt for other members who escaped has been launched; police have vowed to weed out all criminal gangs in the sub-county who have wrecked havoc.

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