Mugabe finally resigns as President of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe delivers his speech during a live broadcast at State House in Harare, Sunday, Nov, 19, 2017. Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has baffled the country by ending his address on national television without announcing his resignation. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Harare, ZIMBABWE: Robert Mugabe has finally resigned as the President of Zimbawe.

The immediate former president  resignation letter was on Tuesday evening read out by parliamentary Speaker Jacob Mudenda to lawmakers gathered at a conference centre in Harare to discuss an impeachment motion.

The news came as a shock to the whole world that Mugabe had resigned after 37 years in power.

Car horns blared and cheering crowds raced through the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital immediately the speaker announced his resignation.

The announcement came after days of building pressure on the 93-year-old dictator to resign.

The letter read:

“In terms of the provisions of section 96 (1) of the constitution of Zimbabwe, amendment number 20, 2013.

Following my verbal communication with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda at 13:53 hours, 21st November, 2017 intimating my intention to resign as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 (1) of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe with immediate effect.”

Mugabe continues to say that his decision to resign was voluntary.

“My decision to resign is voluntary on my part and arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and my desire to ensure a smooth, peaceful and non-violent transfer of power that underpins national security, peace and stability.

Kindly give public notice of my resignation as soon as possible as required by section 96 (1) of the constitution of Zimbabwe.” Concluded the letter.