Raila Odinga says Uhuru Kenyatta’s election still illegitimate

ODM leader Raila Odinga. PHOTO: file

Nairobi,KENYA:National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga has reacted to the just concluded ruling by the Supreme Court after upholding president Uhuru Kenyatta’s Victory.

In a statement sent to newsroom on Monday, Raila alluded that he still considered the government to be illegitimate and that the ruling had not changed his position.

He added that he sympathized with the judges citing that they had made the decision under Duress.

“We in NASA had repeatedly declared before this Supreme Court ruling today (Monday) that we consider this government to be illegitimate and do not recognize it. This position has not been changed by the court ruling, which did not come as a surprise.” He stated.

He further said that the decision was taken under duress and that they do not condemn Supreme Court but rather sympathize with it.

Further, NASA head of secretariat,Norman Magaya, maintained that the election was a sham and promised to give the next course of action for the opposition coalition in five days time.

“We can see it before it happened. We refused to validate a sham election on October 26 and refused to legitimatize the charade through SCOK. We remain masters of our own destiny. In 5 days we will get there.” He stated.

On His part, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Director of communication Phillip Etale urged all NASA supporters to remain calm and not to react to any provocation by the opponent but wait for the way forward from NASA leadership.

This comes after on Monday morning the Supreme Court upheld president Uhuru Kenyatta re-election of October 26 by dismissing two petitions filed by Former Member of Parliament Harun mwau and two activist Khelef Khalifa and Mue Njonjo for lacking enough merits to nullify the presidential election.