Lamu CC warns drug dealers against operating at Lamu festival

Lamu County commissioner Gilbert Kityo addressing the media in his office PHOTO NATASHA NEMA

Lamu,KENYA:Lamu county commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo has warned drug dealers who plan to use the four day Lamu cultural festival to intensify their illegal business of dire consequences.

Speaking in his office on Thursday,Kitiyo said police had been instructed to conduct intensive crackdowns on drug dealers and peddlers in the town for the four day period of the festival.

He said the crackdown will include checks in homes,hotels,guest houses and any other places the police feel might be used to hawk drugs during the festival.

The county commissioner said a similar previous crackdown by police in the last two months had resulted in the arrest and prosecution of over notorious 30 drug dealers.

Kitiyo said his office wouldn’t sit by and watch as a few individuals destroyed the image of the county through drugs.

He said his office was aware that drug peddlers had planned to use the festival in disguise and sell the drugs to tourists and visitors.

He cautioned parents to keep track of their children’s movements as the drug dealers planned to use young children to do their dirty work of selling the drugs since its not easy for one to suspect a child in such a case.

“The objective of the festival is to display the way of life of here and that’s what will happen.We are however telling drug dealers that our eyes are wide open.parents too must watch their kids because people plan to use children to peddle drugs during this festival.If that happens,e shall arrest the kid and then come for the parent,”said Kitiyo.

He assured visitors,locals and tourists of adequate security during and after the festival.
Over 30,000 people are expected to attend the festival.