Elizabeth Michael sent to jail over murder

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael PHOTO COURTESY

A court in the Tanzanian capital of Dares Salaam has sentenced Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael to serve two years in prison.

This was after the actress was found guilty of unintentional murder of fellow filmstar Steven Kanuba who died over 5 years ago.

Justice Sam Rumanyika of argued that Lulu who was said to have killed Kanumba after accidentally pushing him to a wall during an argument did not explain in detail how the deceased (Kanumba ) assaulted her.

The judge also said Lulu did not make it clear if Kanumba fell during the heated argument.

Inakinzana na hekima ya kawaida kwamba hata pale marehemu alipoendelea kumpiga na kumshambulia na akaenda kiwango cha kumtishia kumuua, mstakiwa hakuthubutu hata kumpiga, ina maana alifanya kama maneno ya biblia yanavyosema mtu akikupiga shavu la kushoto mgeuzie na la kulia lakini hili mshtakiwa hakulisema.”

(It is not logical that even when the deceased attacks and threatened to kill the accused, the accused did not attempt to fight back .That means she acted just like what the bible says when one slaps you on one cheek,you should also offer the second cheek which the accused has not said.) Judge Rumanyika said.

The late Kanumba and Lulu back when they were dating PHOTO COURTESY

The defense had argued that Lulu was the sole breadwinner in her family and that she was young when the incident happened.

Lulu who was 17 when the incident happened on 7th April 2012 is said to have pushed the late Kanumba to a wall after they argued over a phone call.

Lulu who had just ventured into showbiz at the time was said to be dating the Actor.

However Lulu’s lawyer told reporters after the judgement that they would be appealing the sentence.