Commuters to get police clearance before using Hindi-Kiunga road

A section of a road in Hindi area./FILE

Lamu,KENYA:Travelers who wish to use the terror-prone Hindi-Kiunga road in Lamu will have to liaise with security agencies operating in the area for clearance purposes before doing so.

The road was closed off to members of the public and declared a no-go zone by the KDF and other security agencies conducting the Linda Boni security operation meant to flush out Alshabaab terrorists more than a year ago.

The road has frequently witnessed IED attacks on security and passenger vehicles leaving many dead and others injured on numerous occasions.

The over 250KM road is the only connection between the area residents and the rest of Lamu county.

Residents of the area especially those of Kiunga,Ishakani,Mkokoni,Kiwayu and other areas have now been forced to rely on water transport due to fear of insecurity caused by frequent Alshabaab attacks on the road.

However residents have decried the costly boat fares which are triple what they used to pay while travelling by road.

However speaking in Lamu on Monday,the Linda Boni Security operation now renamed the Boni Enclave Campaign Director Joseph Kanyiri has said locals are now free to use the road provided they liaise with the security agencies so that they aren’t confused intruders or in this case terrorists while doing so.

Kanyiri said any traveler wishing to use the road should also beware and comply with the friendly road checks set up by security agencies.

He said the road is also being rehabilitated and that currently,they are doing bush clearing between Hindi to Milimani and some other stretches in between.

“Any traveler wishing to use the road is free to do so as long as they liaise with the security office beforehand.There are friendly road checks on road and we expect people comply and cooperate.Informing the security before you use the road means they will be aware you are there and will not confuse you for an intruder.We are also rehabilitating the road,”said Kanyiri.

Kanyiri however categorically stated that they have no plans to escort any vehicles that decide to ply the road for the time being.

He said all efforts are being made to restore safety and security on the Hindi-Kiunga road and so far they have made great strides.

“In as much as we say people can use the road,we want them to beware that we wont be according them escort just yet.We are however doing all we can so this road can be safe to use like before,”said Kanyiri.