Jubilee MP’s dismiss Raila Odinga’s interim government suggestion

A section of Jubilee MP's at past media adresses PHOTO COURTESY

Nairobi,KENYA:Jubilee MP’s in the National Assembly have dismissed what they term,calls by the Opposition leader Raila Odinga to craft an interim Government for six months to save Kenya from Political crisis.

The MPs are adamant that Jubilee is ready to negotiate with all Kenyans and cannot be held ransom by anyone who is not able to hold his party together.

Nominated MP David Ole Sankok,Githunguri MP Gabriel Kago and nominated mp Gideon Keter maintained that they will  not accept or entertain any idea of an interim government as they won the annulled General Election and repeat polls.

“We state categorically and without fear of contradiction that as young leaders we are strongly opposed to any call for negotiations outside the constitution .The only legitimate dialogue that can be

held about formation of government in this country can only be held by Kenyans themselves.”Keter said

The MPs observed that the Opposition Chief thrives in crisis and it’s the reason he is busy creating chaos that will make him relevant amid Dwindling political fortunes.

The legislators noted that the product boycott as pushed by NASA, is Grossly hurting the youth in their strongholds of Mombasa and larger Nyanza region.

Their sentiments were echoed by some outgoing Ukambani mps led by Joe Mutambu and former kibwezi east legislator Prof Philip Kaloki who said that NASA move is reckless and it will hurt many Kenyans who depend on Safaricom business in their live hoods.

Elsewhere ,members of Luo Nyanza professional caucus have vowed to disregard Raila odingas call to his supporters especially in Luo Nyanza to boycott Safaricom products .

Speaking in a press briefing in Nairobi led by the professional‘s chair Roy K Obwanga blasted the opposition move terming it a ticking time bomb which will paralyze the future of many  youths who have
invested in the mobile operator.

They said that they will go ahead with their businesses following the fact that opposition chiefs have not given an alternative in the event their supporters move to other mobile operators.

He said that Luo Nyanza is adversely affected by NASA’s’ call following the fact that many youths from that region secured loans to start their businesses in the sector.