Hamisa Mobeto in trouble over Diamond and Zari

Zari, Diamond and Hamisa PHOTO COURTESY

A few weeks ago Tanzanian socialite and video vixen Hamisa Mobeto shared a video of her arch enemy Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her baby daddy Diamond platnumz fighting over a pair of earrings she had allegedly left in Diamond’s house after a fling.

The Video which was promotional material for furniture firm Danube furniture which Zari is a brand ambassador surprised many with fans accusing the trio of fighting on social media to create publicity.

Other reports alleged that Mobeto had been paid by the furniture firm to share the video ahead of their store launch in Dares Salaam.

However, in a surprising twist of events, it has now emerged that Hamisa had not been authorized to share the video and she only did it as a ‘publicity’ stunt.

The management of Danube furniture does not seem any amused with Hamisa’s move to share the video and through their lawyers from the Abhor Law Chambers, the company has ordered Hamisa to pull down the video.

The company has further ordered Hamisa to desist from sharing any promotional material related to the furniture firm in future.

It is not known if the order will further sour relations between the duo as in the past few weeks Hamisa has been seen warming up to Zari on her social media posts.