Orengo turned into a court clerk by Raila Odinga, Says Omar

Former Mombasa secretary general Hassan Omar at during the August 2017 Elections PHOTO: HILLARY MAKOKHA

Mombasa, KENYA: Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar Sarai chided Siaya senator James Orengo claiming that NASA leader Raila Odinga has turned turned him into a court clerk.

Speaking to journalist after casting his ballot in Mombasa on Thursday,  Omar said that Mr. Orengo was once crushed by the same Raila when he tried to run against the opposition leader in 1997.

“Poor guy is only running from one court to another he was massacred when he tried to run against Raila and he trooped back by becoming a court clerk. If you are arrested he becomes a pro bono,” said Omar.

He also castigated Nasa supporters claiming they are violent.

‘Why are you throwing stones? why are you calling someone baba?” asked Omar.

Omar has called upon Mombasa residents to choose leaders who will work for them and stop voting on tribal lines.

He also said that the low turn out experienced in Mombasa polling station was not as result of Nasa boycott but because Mombasa generally experiences few voter turn out.