Coast water problem expected to be solved in four years


Nairobi,KENYA:Water crisis in the coastal counties will be resolved in four years  after the  government pumped sh. 52 billion to enhance water projects in the region.

In an exclusive interview with Baraka Fm water principal secretary Prof Fred Sigor said that the government will use shs2.3 billion in the Baricho water project in Kilifi county in bid to resolve water crisis affecting the county, indicating that the project will serve  Kilifi and Malindi areas .

Sigor said that the funds will be used in repairing and  drilling boreholes and enhance entire Baricho water project which stands at 25 % completion, adding that it is  expected to be completed  within a period of  one year.

“As per now, we have Baricho project which helps us in supplying water  to Malindi and Kilifi .This project costs shs 2.3 billion.”Sigor said

He said that the government has initiated a 17 billion Mwache water project  in Kwale county whereby the  government will build dam which will help in  supplying water  within Kwale and Mombasa counties .

He also said that the government will initiate a 33 billion Mzima  water project in Taita Taveta county which will too supply water across Taita Taveta and Kilifi counties.

Sigor said that these projects will be complete within four years and it will solve atleast 80 % of water problems being experienced in the coastal region.

Sigor pointed that the Kenyan government is in talks with the Belgian government to initate water project in TanaRiver which will help in supplying water in TanaRiver and Lamu counties.

“The Kenyan government is in talks with the Belgian government, to come up with ways of getting water out of TanaRiver in order to supply such commodity to Garsen and Lamu.As per government’s plan is to have 80 % completion of these projects in order to avert suffering to our coastal residents.”He said

He said that the project will be completed by 2020 insisting that such coastal water projects are in line with vision 2030 to make sure that the government alleviates the water crisis that has been affecting the coasrtal people in decades.