Tana River MCAs call for security enhancement in the county

Tana River County Assembly during a past session. PHOTO: COURTESY.

Tana River, KENYA: Tana River County assembly is calling upon the executive to improve security in the county before handling any developmental agenda to the residents.

Speaking in a discussion of the governor’s speech on Saturday Garsen South MCA Roda Katisha raised a concern that the county government would not easily invest in developmental projects if the county security is still poor.

The MCA proposed that security department should inspect all herders from outside the county and to put more strategies to take them back to their homes.

She added that most of herders from outside Tana River were the ones causing conflicts in the county especially in areas of Kipini, Tana Delta.

The conflicts were fueled in those areas after a warning by national government that Boni forest was a no- go or stay zone as KDF was doing its operation over al- Ashabaab threats in Lamu County and its environs.

She uttered that the Delta zone was facing a livestock influx to which has led a loss to farmers.

Ms. Katisha confirmed to the members that Tana River residents had their set of rules to follow when migrating from one place to another, which she insisted that herders from outside neither know the norms or humble request for the service.

Nominated MCA Ms. Salma Hawachu emphasized that security officers should be deployed on the ground to protect boundaries to avoid conflict in the county.

She mentioned that the step would minimize frequent intrusion of herders in the county