Lamu leaders, residents laud Akombe’s resignation

Former IEBC Commisioner Roselyn Akombe. PHOTO/FILE.

Lamu, KENYA: Lamu NASA supporters have lauded the move by IEBC commissioner Roselyne Akombe to resign and open up on reasons why she thinks the October 26 poll will lack integrity.

Akombe sent out a statement on Wednesday morning on why she believes as a commissioner that the forthcoming repeat presidential election will not be free and fair since the IEBC as currently constituted was unable to do that.

Former women rep Shakilla Abdalla lauded Akombe’s decision terming it bold and timely.

Speaking in Lamu on Wednesday,Shakilla said Akombe’s revelations were proof enough that the IEBC as currently constituted, was rotten and needed to be disbanded immediately if Kenya is to hold a free and fair election in the coming days.

Shakilla challenged  IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba who has remained put despite the numerous demos by NASA supporters wanting him off the team,to follow Akombe’s lead and step down from his position while he still had ‘some honor left’.

She said all other commissioners should step down and save Kenya the shame of having such a commission in the first place.

“No reforms,no elections.We thank God for the revelations of commissioner Akombe,they couldn’t have come at a better time.Thats the last nail in the coffin to prove that the IEBC is a mistake which Kenyans shouldn’t live with,” said Shakilla.

Residents said Akombe’s resignation was a relief to the millions of NASA supporters who have been wishing for changes at the commission.

Many said Akombe’s move was a clear indication of her goodwill towards the Kenyan people and to the commission which she had chosen to serve in without knowing the same commission would put her integrity to the test.

“The Supreme Court directed that there be a free and fair election by IEBC but there were enough indicators that the commission was in Jubilee’s pocket long ago.They were going to conduct another shrewd election just like they are used to.We are glad for Akombe’s bravery and we thus call for the disbandment of the IEBC,”said Muhashiam Famau.

However, others criticized Akombe for waiting until the last minute and when the country was almost holding the presidential election before coming out with revaltions and resigning.

“If indeed she was genuine,her resignation should have happened shortly after the flawed elections or after the Supreme Court ruling.Why now?,”said Ali Shebwana.